1. Can I Use The system on more than just my carpets?
Answer: We offer a wide range of attachments that allow you to not only
clean your carpets, but all of your flooring surfaces as well as your
upholstery, curtains, and much more.

2. If I Use a Cleaning Service, would I need a Central Vacuum System?
Answer: Most Cleaning Services use a portable vacuum that they take from
one home to another. Since a portable vacuum recirculates dust and odors in
your home, they are essentially bringing someone else's dirt and odors (and
maybe fleas) into your home. A central vacuum eliminates the dirt, dust and
odor from your home, whether you OR a cleaning service is doing the

3. Are Central Vacuum Systems expensive?
Answer: The cost is typically less than replacing and maintaining a portal
vacuum over the years. Also, since the system is an integral part of your
home, it can add to the value of your home when it comes time to sell.

4. Is A Central Vacuum System noisy?
Answer: Since the vacuum motor is usually located away from the living
area, such as a garage or a basement, the sound is minimal.  Also, most
power nozzles are designed with acoustical features allowing a Central
Vacuum System to have one of the lowest decibel ratings in the industry.

5.  Where is the power unit typically installed?
Answer: The power unit is typically located in a garage, basement or utility
room. It can also be installed in the attic in some homes.

Central Vacuum Systems earn 1 point in the
LEED-H standard and 5 points in the NAHB
Green Building Standard.
Earn LEED-H Points
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